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Fully Auto Modular Keg Lines

The series of machines are all fully automatic and can vary from 2 heads to 8 head modular systems which are custom built to suit your specific needs.

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Craft Can Pasteurizer

Pasteurisation is a process of heating beer, and many other consumable products, to a temperature that will kill any living microbes without changing the chemistry or flavour. It is used to increase shelf life and stability of a product.

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Craft Can Warmer

Tunnel of Love

Jenrey Ltd. Craft Can Warmer is designed and built to significantly reduce and eliminate moisture and condensation on your cans after filling.

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Fermentation (Uni) Tanks

All tanks come fitted with glycol jackets for cooling. Minimum 25 – 30% head space provides space energetic fermentations without foam loses.  Adjustable racking arm allows for efficiency and maximum product recovery.

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Semi-Auto Keg Washer/Filler

This machine is equipped with two heads and three tanks. The first head is for cleaning and the second head is for filling. The three tanks are for caustic, acid and recovered water, which ensures we follow best practices in kegging and adds an extra level of efficiency, while minimizing waste water.

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Brite Tanks

All tanks come fitted with glycol jackets for cooling. Minimum 10% head space provides space for carbonation while minimizing CO2 losses. Drain sized for low turbulence product transfers and CIP without cavitation.

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CJ1 Keg Filler

The Jenrey CJ1 machine is a dedicated filler designed and priced to bridge the gap between manual filling and a fully automatic machine and can be used to fill Steel Kegs or plastic One Way Kegs!

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The QuikTap® Advantage

With the QuikTap ® portable CO2 keg tap, you will enjoy a variety of benefits, including: Fresher Beer, Easy Set-Up, Flow Control, Waste Elimination, and a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Fulton Classic™ Steam

The Classic™ steam boiler represents the evolution of Fulton’s original vertical tubeless boiler design.

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Complete solutions from keg washing and filling, all the way to dispensing.

At Jenrey Ltd. we have a strong and dedicated focus on kegs / kegging in their entirety.

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Customer Testimonials

"We spent a lot of time inquiring with a couple different companies on custom pasteurizer options before committing to Jenrey's can pasteurizer. On the operational/business side of things, my team worked directly with Andres and Carl to make sure our needs were entirely covered with the machine we purchased. They are very attentive to detail and made sure we knew exactly what we were designing and ultimately ordering. Down in the cellar, the pasteurizer (the "Tunnel of Love") is easy to operate, and if ever there's an issue, the guys at Jenrey are always quick to troubleshoot with us. We've worked with their engineers on creating a custom alarm/stop when our boiler faults/stops producing steam. We're very appreciative that they were willing to create custom solutions for our cidery needs. Their machine, knowledge, and customer service are top notch."


Diskin Cider

"A big shout out to the Jenrey team. The response time from first contact to troubleshooting the problem and to parts delivery was excellent. We discovered a broken control screen on the CJ-1 keg filler just before a kegging session. As a small craft cider maker any delays in getting our product to market hurts our cash flow. Andres and the Jenrey folks, thanks for the super customer service."

Tim K

Sunny Cider

"I highly recommend Jenrey to any microbrewery, vineyard, cider mill, or cold brew coffee and kombucha tea producer in need of brewing solutions. With Jenrey, you will receive nothing but the best solutions for you project and exceptional customer service!"

Julie Beaney

Vendor Relations Manager | Shooley Mitchell

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Our Service Technicians have trained at H&K, KHS, Jagenberg & Eti-Tec. Qualified professionals with decades of experience.

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We work together with our clients to help find the right solution for any beverage production project. Optimizing production lines & complete filler evaluations.

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From setting up new production lines, to overhauling / servicing existing fillers and productions lines; we are here to help!

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We source Quality Parts, New or Used Machinery, and Specialists for Process Welding and Mechanical & PLC Controls.

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