Lagrotta Packaging Group Inc.

Elevate Your Craft with Cutting-Edge Solutions

We have partnered with Lagrotta Packaging Group Inc. to provide the required support structures for our pasteurizers. Lagrotta delivers top-notch conveyor systems, depalletizers, accumulation tables, and much more; renowned for their exceptional quality and durability. Their equipment perfectly complements the design and effectiveness of our pasteurizers, ensuring seamless integration and outstanding performance.

Lagrotta mirrors our commitment as a family-owned and operated business, sharing our core values and dedication. Their decades-long journey in the industry has equipped them with unrivaled knowledge and insight. This, combined with their fervent passion for excellence, ensures they excel in their craft and serve as a benchmark for quality and expertise; some of the reasons we are proud to work closely with the Lagrotta team.


Bi-Di Accumulation Tables

Flow-Thru Accumulation Tables

Hand Packing Stations


Conveyor Components

Explore the unmatched solutions at Lagrotta Packaging Group Inc. and discover the reasons Lagrotta products are emblematic of excellence.

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