Fermentation (UNI)


All tanks come fitted with glycol jackets for cooling and an adjustable racking arm that allows for efficiency and maximum product recovery. In addition, a minimum 25 – 30% head space provides space for high krausen or vigorous fermentations without foam losses.



Certified stainless-steel material and sanitary construction is our standard. All tanks are insulated for efficiency and custom fabricated to meet your specific space and height requirements.

Our standard tanks range in sizes from:
– 3BBL to 160BBL
– 3HL to 160HL
*Larger or custom tanks available on request


Vessel working pressure: 14.5 PSI (tested to 30 PSI)

Jacket working pressure: Tested to 30 PSI

Interior weld finish: stain removed, polished on a regular margin and acid cleaned.

Exterior weld finish: stain removed and brightened on a regular margin.

Jackets are sized to cool the working volume from 65F to 34F in 24 hours using a glycol inlet temperature: 30F.

80mm PU foaming Insulation for side and bottom.

tank placed in a mild steel cradle for shipping.

Minimum additional head space 25 - 30%

Shell material 304 2b SS

Cladding material 304 brushed #4 SS

Relief pressure: 15 PSI

4 Legs c/w adjustable Footpads.

Formed dish head.

60 degrees cone bottom

Top Fitting

Side Fittings

Cone Fittings

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