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Our brewhouses are designed to meet the needs of your beverage processes including all-grain brewing for beer or distillation, tea or mixing and blending.



At Jenrey we strive to innovate and provide efficiency and performance to the customer. When you partner with us, you’ll work collaboratively with our team of experienced brewers and industry leaders on design and implementation. We provide a top to bottom service with ‘grain to glass’ expertise, coupled with continued lifecycle service. 

Whether you are a startup or planning an expansion we will provide the expertise, service, and equipment quality to set you up for success.

Key Features

Single infusion, step-mash and decoction brewhouses

Single vessel for on-grain fermentations to multi-vessel brewhouses including MM/BK and LT two vessel decoction setup

Mash mixers with tube and shell heat exchangers for on-grain fermentations

Motorized lauter tun rake height adjustment

Vessel safety measures including fall guards and boil over sensors

Boil kettle calandria (size dependant)

Pre-loaded hop additions (manual or auto)

Whirlpool cooling section (for those hazy IPA’s!)

Hot liquor tanks and cold liquor tanks or multi-stage heat exchangers

Brew deck sink with wort cooling tower, hydrometer storage and vessel to vessel illuminated wort sight glasses

Robust brew decks

Technical Data -

Cylindroconical Fermenters, Horizontal Maturation/Lagering Tanks, Serving Tanks, Brite Tanks.

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