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As the product moves through the tunnel it is heated to a pasteurization temperature of 66°C (150°F) and held at that temperature for a defined period of time before being cooled back down to stop pasteurization.

The amount of time that the product is held at 66°C (150°F) is determined by the production team and is measured in pasteurization units (PU’s) where one PU is the lethal effect on micro-organisms obtained by holding product for one minute at 66°C (150°F). Our easy-to-use interface allows for efficient observation and manipulation as necessary during this process.

All of our systems are modular single deck pasteurizers so as your production demand grows, your system can grow with you by adding sections to increase capacity.

Technical Data -

Small footprint system

Easy to service and maintain

Touch Screen controls & automation

Competitive pricing

Can be used as a warmer

Uniform clog resistant spray nozzles

304 Stainless Steel construction

Sump access / cleanout

Steam or electric heat options

Easy integration into existing can line

Available in 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 & 250 cans per minute

Steam System

Electric System

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