Hot Topic – Pasteurization and the Booming Non-alcoholic Sector 

The last few weeks have been buzzing on by and we’ve been working hard to get our Jenrey clients ready for a busy summer of new operations and expansions. It’s become a trend in conversation on how to approach non-alcoholic safely and hop into the ever growing non-alcoholic arena. This week we were amazed to see this headline ‘Guinness 0.0 surges 48% in response to growing demand’. Research “confirms the major growth of non-alcohol beer in recent years, and the specific success of Guinness 0.0 since its introduction to the Irish market two and a half years ago.” We are in no way surprised by this information but excited nonetheless. The new generation of sober curious beverage enthusiasts shows a true shift in the industry as we know it and we are so happy to be apart of what’s to come! Tunnel pasteurization and flash pasteurization are an important topic to add to the conversation and without proper equipment and processes taking the jump into non-alcoholic and low ABV is risky.

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Craft Beverage Expo – Reno, Nevada – May 7-8

A few of our team members headed to the Craft Beverage expo in Reno, Nevada this week. This event is the leading event for producers of small-batch beverages and provides solutions for the issues that producers face — from technology and equipment to getting beverages onto store shelves. We were grateful to be positioned directly in front of the stage for this show as we not only had time to learn all about the evolving industry on the west coast while also chatting pasteurization, non-alcoholic wines predominantly with wineries from the Sonoma region of California and were introduced to some new, innovative drinks about the hit the Canadian market. This show was diverse and we look forward to attending next year.