Big Chats: Non-Alcoholic, Low ABV, Pasteurization & Food Safety

The beverage alcohol industry is evolving at the speed of light. The new generation of health focused consumers are driving a spike in non-alcoholic and low ABV beverages. This trend is clear, and it’s not going away anytime soon and what’s important to acknowledge is the emerging research surrounding the safety of these types of production processes. Unfortunately, many operations have rushed into the arena without understanding the risks associated with non-alcoholic production which can in turn put the safety of consumers at risk. As manufacturers of pasteurizers specifically designed for beverage part of our job is to dive into the research and understand the importance of incorporating pasteurization into operations. In addition, we custom build and price compete to allow beverage operations of all sizes the easy transition into the fastest booming sector in the industry. 

Survival of Food-borne Pathogens in Low & Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer 

This study from the Journal of Food Protection observed the following:

•Beers can be contaminated with food-borne pathogens at various points in the brewing process

•E. coli O157:H7 and Salmonella survived low and nonalcoholic beer for over 2 months

With the removal of alcohol the breeding ground for bacteria opens. This information highlights the importance of pasteurization, tunnel pasteurization and flash pasteurization in the production process for non-alcoholic and Low ABV beverages.

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