Move Over Steel Kegs…. Here Come PET Plastic Kegs!!!

March 24, 2014

It may not be an overnight thing, but down the road, chances are PET Plastic kegs will make a permanent home in the industry and one day may even overtake the Steel Kegs. If you put your self back about 50-60 years in the brewing industry, there must have been these poor guys going brewery to brewery with this steel keg trying to sell them to brewers on the premiss that it is the future and all kegs will be steel one day and not wooden casks.

Well fast forward to today, and you can see that Steel kegs have become industry standard, and now that 50-60 years have passed, as we all know; evolution is a must and the next stage in the evolution of kegs is……. Petainer PET Plastic Recyclable Kegs! Contact us for more information on how you can get started with these Amazing Kegs!!!

These pictures show the evolution of kegs as well as a very innovative idea that shows a great use for steel kegs when they become the “VHS” of the industry and PET Plastic Kegs takes over!!! (one day :))