Petainer Kegs @ the Canadian Brewing Awards

June 9, 2014

It has been a little while since our last post, things have been crazy busy and we have a lot of things in the works to be announced soon!

Most recently we have just returned from a great trip to eastern Canada. Our first stop was Sponsoring the Canadian Brewing Awards in Fredericton which was a blast. We were able to promote our awesome kegs to everybody that attended and had a ton of fun doing it! You can see our booth and the awards gala in the pictures below.

We then went on a small road trip – or sales trip, I should say – to PEI and then Nova Scotia. What a beautiful drive and great times with great customers. We also had the opportunity to stop into various potential customers and are sooo happy with how inviting everyone is and how delicious everyones Beer, Wines and Ciders are. If you would like to try out our Petainer One Way Recyclable Kegs, give a shout or shoot us an email and we are happy to work with you i n any way we can!